We offer on-demand, cost-effective fire warden training to safe guard your employees as they respond to emergencies and comply with workplace safety regulations

The risk of accidental fire in the workplace results in injuries, fatalities, destruction of important documentation, damage to property and revenue loss. Affected employees can also suffer from psychological disturbances which have an adverse impact on morale.

Apart from being a mandatory requirement, businesses have a duty of care to provide high safety standards in the workplace and to protect employees. Effective response and evacuation processes in case of a fire require trained emergency response teams.

We are exclusively dedicated to the task of training your staff. We have no vested interest in equipment sales and you can rest assured there are no hidden agendas in what we offer.

Our fire warden training programs are among the most affordable in Australia as we don’t believe in providing training at inflated prices. Instead we deliver fire warden training that provides excellent value for your money and is delivered on demand to fit within the busy schedule of our participants.

Professional online fire warden training

Affordable Pricing

Warden and Chief Warden Training

All prices incl. GST

Individuals $35 $35
2-9 Students $35 $35
10-19 Students $33 (save $2 pp) $31 (save $4 pp)
20-29 Students $30 (save $5 pp) $31 (save $4 pp)
30+ Students $28 (save $7 pp) $31 (save $4 pp)

Here's How It Works

Each purchase will provide you with a one-time user access code for the relevant training video.

The business will purchase the training videos (in whichever combination is required) in one transaction. Access codes will be delivered to the individual participants with step by step instructions and the training workbook.

Once a participant completes the training video, they will be prompted to complete a knowledge test.

Once successfully completed, the participant will receive an email confirming their successful completion of the training with a Record of Participation.

The purchaser will be able to log into our portal at any time to view the completion status of their group of participants.

For the business (GM, Operations Manager, Work Health Safety Manager)

  • Step 1

    Purchase the amount of on-demand training courses required

  • Step 2

    Enroll your students and get them training quickly and easily - completion certificates are issued automatically.

  • Step 3

    Monitor progress of your participants directly in your group dashboard


Enrol and start training in minutes!