About Us

The team at Warden Training Online are subject matter experts when it comes to compliance with the Work Health Safety (WHS) Regulations and Australian Standard AS3745: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

We work with clubs, schools, councils, churches, aged care facilities, manufacturing plants and dozens of other organisations throughout Australia to help them meet their moral and legal compliance responsibilities.

Are your staff capable of effectively combating a workplace emergency?

Fire, flooding, gas leaks and bomb threats are disasters which can strike when least expected. In emergencies like these, the response made in the first few seconds determines how effectively the situation will be controlled.

Employees respond in different ways when faced with an emergency. Those who have averted an emergency before may draw on their experience to respond effectively, while most others would seek instructions on what to do.

It’s important to have trained staff capable of responding quickly and confidently when faced with a workplace emergency. Providing the right instructions quickly to team members minimises irrational behaviour and results in a unified effort to effectively combat the threat.

Our Mission

Our market leading and innovative Warden, Chief Warden, Fire Awareness and Induction into Workplace Policies and Procedures programs help the business community meet their moral and legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2017) and the requirements of Australian Standard AS3745: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Our Vision

To fulfil our vision to be the number one brand in the delivery of training solutions in Fire Warden and Chief Warden, Fire Awareness and the Induction process to Policies and Procedures for organisations.


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