Induction into Workplace Policies and Procedures

All organisations who employ staff should have well-documented policies and procedures in place to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2017).

Having these important documents in place also ensures your staff know what is expected of them, and provides a fair, predictable and consistent approach to dealing with issues in the workplace.

Not only that, but for employers, having a set of policies and procedures firmly in place saves a lot of time when inducting new staff into the organisation, for training purposes, and in times where disciplinary action is required.

We have designed an Induction Training program with the following learning outcomes:

  • Work Health and Safety Regulations: Legal responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • Standards: Equity and diversity
  • Safety Matters: PPE, manual handling and lifting, using ladders, equipment use and safe work practices
  • Reporting incidents
  • Policies and procedures: drugs and alcohol, dispute resolution, performance management, emergency procedures, internet, email and social media policy, and appearance and grooming

At completion of the training program a Certificate of Participation will be issued confirming the subject matter of the training.

Each member of your staff should complete this training including casual and part-time employees.

Our Mission

Our market leading and innovative Warden, Chief Warden, Fire Awareness and Induction into Workplace Policies and Procedures programs help the business community meet their moral and legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2017) and the requirements of Australian Standard AS3745: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Our Vision

To fulfil our vision to be the number one brand in the delivery of training solutions in Fire Warden and Chief Warden, Fire Awareness and the Induction process to Policies and Procedures for organisations.

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